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Exhaust Repair

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Why repair your exhaust?

The exhaust system in a vehicle has a critical role: it safeguards passengers from harmful gases while also reducing the noise created by exhaust emissions. Made up of several interconnected components, the exhaust system helps direct the gaseous byproducts of combustion from the engine, beneath the car, and safely out into the atmosphere. Key parts of this system encompass the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, tailpipe, resonator, and muffler. Each of these components plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and safe operation of the exhaust system.

Why Choose us for your exhaust repairs?

Experts at Work: Our Langley team comprises of Red Seal techs and automotive professionals. They are well-versed with every component from the exhaust manifold to the tailpipe, and understand the intricacies of various makes and models. Our technicians are adept at identifying issues and providing efficient solutions that will keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Warranty Protection: We stand behind our work, and that’s why we provide a robust 3 year / 60,000km warranty on all of our exhaust repair services. This warranty isn’t just a statement; it’s our commitment to quality workmanship and our assurance to you that we trust in the durability and performance of the repairs we provide.

Safety First: The primary role of the exhaust system is to keep you safe by channeling harmful gases away from the vehicle’s cabin. We prioritize your safety above all else. Our comprehensive exhaust system repair and maintenance services ensure that the system functions optimally, protecting you and your passengers from potentially harmful emissions.

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The signs may include increased engine noise, a noticeable decrease in power and fuel efficiency, burning smell from the engine bay, or the smell of raw gasoline. Unusual noises, such as rattling or hissing, can also indicate problems with the exhaust system. If you’re looking to get rid out of the thing entirely (don’t it’s illegal) you can read a bit more on our blog.

The frequency can depend on the specific vehicle, its age, and overall condition. Generally, it’s recommended to have the exhaust system inspected at least once a year during routine vehicle maintenance. If you notice any signs of a problem, it should be checked immediately.

Ignoring problems with the exhaust system or check engine lights can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, potential exposure to dangerous gases, and increased engine noise. In severe cases, it can also result in damage to the engine and other parts of the vehicle, leading to more expensive repairs down the line. If your exhaust is in need of repairs, you may need a new one, considering a custom exhaust, is worth the time.

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