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custom exhaust system being installed on a vehicle in Garys


Tailored Exhaust for Every Vehicle in Langley

Welcome to the custom exhaust division of Gary’s Automotive in Langley the custom exhaust shop, where the passion for cars and trucks drives every exhaust system we craft. When it comes to vehicles, we believe that every car has a story, and its voice – its exhaust note – should match its legacy. Whether it’s a nostalgic classic, diesel powerhouse or a modern-day stallion, we provide a sound that resonates with the heartbeats of car enthusiasts. 

Why Choose Gary’s Automotive for Custom Exhaust?

Classic Car Expertise: While high-performance speedsters tear up the racetracks, we celebrate the elegance and beauty of everyday classic cars. Restoration projects have a special place at our facility in Langley, where our tailored exhausts breathe new life into timeless machines.

Truck Specialists: We work in Langley, trucks are everywhere. We know trucks and service all the makes and models. A custom exhaust on a truck is commonly done to increase power and create that head-turning growl.

Performance: We aren’t a performance custom-exhaust workshop, but we do work on performance vehicles.

Adaptable Solutions for the average vehicle: Can’t find a factory part for your vehicle? No worries. We are adept at creating custom pipes for everyday vehicles, ensuring that availability is never a barrier to your ride’s performance.

Why get a custom exhaust system?

  1. Redefining Sound: The first thing you’ll notice post-upgrade is the transformative exhaust note. Experience a richer, more resonant growl, particularly noticeable during acceleration.

  2. Unleashed Power: Standard exhausts in many vehicles are primarily cost-effective choices by manufacturers. By transitioning to a custom exhaust, you unleash the dormant power, feeling an immediate boost in horsepower and torque.

  3. Boosted Fuel Efficiency: A streamlined exhaust system provides a more efficient route for exhaust gases to escape, lightening the load on your engine. This, in turn, translates to better fuel economy and smoother performance.

Custom Exhaust vs Stock Exhaust

A custom exhaust system gives you the control to make sure you get that loud, aggressive sound you want from your exhaust. Using a custom exhaust system with larger pipes helps to give a deep and rumbling sound, especially compared with stock exhaust. Stock exhaust systems are sometimes described as boring.

Are Custom Exhausts Illegal?

No. In British Columbia they are legal. This is the same for all of Canada and the USA. Similar to a muffler delete which we covered in more detail. As long as you don’t make the custom exhaust system more polluting, louder, dangerous, or probably anything that police or government would consider unreasonable then you’re good. Polluting is usually in regards to the catalytic converter, which some people remove to increase power and “improve noise”. However removing the catalytic converter is illegal on vehicles intended for use public roads so we would never do this. Custom exhaust systems can increase power, gas mileage and definitely sound so this is a better and legal option than simply deleting parts of your exhaust. 

custom exhaust

Do Custom Exhaust Systems Void Warranty?

No. They will not void the full warranty on your vehicle. However exhaust issues or related engine issues if determined to be caused by the new custom exhaust may create warranty problems. This is unlikely but it’s another reason why you should trust the pro’s (like Gary’s) for made-to-order exhaust systems, maybe not the repair for your backyard pay-in-beer mechanic. 

underneath side of a vehicle being repaired

When should you get a custom exhaust?

Rusting or damage (muffler warning signs) usually means a replace, so if you’re considering a custom exhaust that can be a good time. Factory parts may not be available for your vehicle anymore if it’s classic, when it rusts or is damaged replacing it with a custom exhaust is not only economical but improves your vehicle. We offer zero interest financing if you’re interested in Langley.

Sometimes parts just take a long time to ship, or maybe there is some act-of-god preventing you from your normal exhaust. Custom exhaust, doesn’t mean an expensive price tag. It may mean the best option to get your vehicle back on the road.

Common Areas outside Langley we serve made-to-order exhausts

Any questions burning a whole in your tailpipe, just call us 604-541-1818